New digital platform

With 90% of tradespeople having introduced new ways of communicating in 2020, demand for digital tools that ease communication and simplify quoting processes has grown, according to Rehau.

According to recent research by Yell, 46% of respondents claimed that the introduction of a new service was crucial for them to be able to survive the pandemic. Of those new services implemented: 41% have started taking online bookings; 40% are doing online video consultations; and 33% have online video tutorials.

Anticipating this shift, Rehau has developed a project platform, called Rehau Connect, to streamline the window retrofit process.

Within the platform, tradespeople are able to collaborate and create a personalised quote with company logos. The 3D visualiser enables users to turn and rotate the windows and doors in all directions, providing a 360⁰ impression and realistic visuals, while a configured window sketch with individual prices provides complete transparency to buyers.

Stephen Beresford, head of marketing and communications at Rehau Windows, said: “With the development of Rehau Connect, demand and supply come together faster. The digital platform helps to organise a window project by enabling a central place for plans, visuals and quotes. We’ve taken a digital-first approach when creating this resource for installers and fabricators, to encourage more efficient processes.”

Instant communication is also becoming more of a requirement, with 93% of tradespeople having introduced new ways of communicating in 2020.

“Consumers are researching more now than ever and as a result, businesses are being inundated with requests,” Stephen said. “This means a more efficient approach to formal processes, such as developing quotes, is required. This is where the digital space can payback dividends. Connect can save time by enabling faster and simpler communication between all parties, which could help to win projects.

“It’s an added bonus that it eliminates the need for a complex and endless trail of physical documentation, which’s also echoes Rehau’s wider sustainability strategy.”