Fabricators of the Jack Door can now use the same PAS 24-certified, multipoint locking system whichever type of commercial door they are making.

The Iseo Multiblindo system comes in three styles – Classic, Easy Exit and Easy Exit eMotion – that can be configured for entrance doors, emergency exits and for remote access.

“With PAS 24 now a standard specification for most commercial doors, it’s important to have hardware that fits the bill,” Jeff Pearson, sales director at Jack Aluminium, said. “Multiblindo is ideal as a multipoint device for a standard entrance door, but it’s also easy to upgrade the hardware to suit different door types.

“We’re always looking for ways of strengthening Jack Aluminium’s service to customers, so Multiblindo has been tested with the Jack Door to PAS 24. That means customers can use the same lock and cylinder, and then add suitable door furniture that’s right for each installation.”

Iseo Multiblindo can be specified with a lever handle or panic bar, or integrated with electronic devices like a key pad or switch for remote access.

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