Marketing materials praised

Selecta Systems fabricator Ace Windows (NE) was impressed with the quality and look of the new batch of marketing brochures and materials while commending the excellent customer service that they regularly receive from the team.

Abe Rabin of Ace Windows (NE) has disclosed his backing and praise to the new marketing materials which he quoted as “an amazing change to the marketing support package” and that “the efforts in the marketing material are definitely what is helping to drive their business forward”.

Selecta Systems marketing manager Mark Walker said: “Around 18 months ago, one of the areas which I felt were in need of refreshed approach and re-design were the marketing brochures and materials which we provide to our fabricator base as sales material to the end consumer. They did a job but didn’t really stand out and portray the products respected and valued position in the market.

“Brochures and marketing materials are a reflection and representation of not only ourselves but most importantly our fabricators in front of the consumer and so it was important that we set out to give the end consumer a more distinctive and informative set of brochures to depict the products in their best light.”