Making a splash at FIT

Infinity will be making a splash at FIT with three new products promising ‘endless possibilities’ for both fabricators and installers.

All are designed for this industry and all deliver advanced technology in a user friendly, cost effective package.

The first product, which is already available to order, is Capture. This is a website plug-in for retail companies that lets them add a personalised design-your-own window or door function to their sites.

Showroom, a lead generation app, sits alongside Capture and lets Infinity customers create their own virtual showroom packed with their own marketing content – from brochures and videos to installation photos and galleries. It works on and offline so sales teams can use it face-to-face in the sales process even when they have no access to the internet, and homeowners can download it and access it for themselves.

The third product is Register, which Infinity is calling “the first commercially available standard platform for manufactured product registration”. Full details of this product will be revealed at the show along with an upcoming CRM system being branded Rapport.