Low cost access to sealant machine

The integration of Tekna into the Emmegi group means that the company’s range of specialist machinery is now available via Emmegi (UK).

For aluminium fabricators, this gives them direct, low cost access to machines such as the TKE259 sealant applicator and all of its accompanying consumables.

The pneumatic TKE259 is an easy to use, low maintenance option for applying specialist sealant which protects against joint corrosion. It is recommended by some of the UK’s leading systems companies as a simple and effective way to seal joints and to improve the thermal, acoustic and weather protection barrier on aluminium windows and doors.

The machine automatically optimises the amount of sealant required on each surface and so eliminates wastage and minimises messy overspill. It is already being used by some of the UK’s biggest names in aluminium fabrication, all of whom can now buy consumables direct from Emmegi (UK) at a reduced rate than previously.

This includes one leading sliding door specialist that has already calculated that it is saving around 50% on sealant costs since it switched to buying direct.

Ian Latimer, Emmegi (UK)’s managing director, said: “This is a very simple money saving option for fabricators. We have the consumables in stock for delivery the next day and can supply the machines on a one week lead time.”