Let the light in

Ultraframe has extended its Ultrasky range to include a flat skylight, complete with the option of a pre-manufactured insulated, waterproof 4° pitched kerb.

Ultraframe has designed a click-fit system that eliminates any fiddly trims and delivers a fast and precise fit. Ultraframe estimates that the installation of an Ultrasky flat skylight takes half the time it normally takes to fit a roof light.

Alex Hewitt, Ultraframe marketing director, said: “In very broad terms the Ultrasky skylight further strengthens an installer’s capability to look at any extension job and deliver an Ultraframe solution.  Equally it’s important that with every new innovation we develop, there are clear and discernible advantages to both the installer and homeowner, over and above existing systems in the market.

“The biggest advantage the flat skylight brings to the installer is the installation speed. We’ve developed a really efficient click-fit installation mechanism which halves installation times versus other flat skylights.”

A combination of 4mm and 6mm stepped units mean that the Ultrasky flat skylight delivers just 34dB. This is matched by the company’s warm frame technology which delivers a U-value of just 1.2W/m2K.

Talking about the aesthetics of the new flat sklight, Alex said: “A roof light is all about placing the emphasis on the glass giving the viewer from the inside the widest possible view of the sky. To achieve this we’ve developed a super slim aluminium surround which externally gives the impression the glass is floating across the entire opening, maximising the amount of glass right to the edges.”

Ultraframe is giving retailers free showroom upgrades, point-of-sale, samples and stands for smaller retailers. Until the end of October Ultraframe is also offering a significant discount on the kerb.