Let the light flood in

By Gary Dean, managing director, OnLevel UK.

Adding a glass Juliet balcony to a building is a great way of getting loads of natural light into a room. Typically, they consist of a safety rail, fixings and ‘balustrade’ constructed from a glass panel.

Glass Juliet balconies are extremely popular at present, due to the minimal ‘all glass’ look and ease of installation. A Juliet balcony doesn’t protrude very much from the wall and provides a safe and secure barrier, allowing double doors to be opened for fresh air and unobstructed views.

Our Juliet balcony solution (Skyforce) encompasses all of the benefits associated with a tradition glass Juliet system as well as a few more key benefits. As a business we want to develop products that add value, products that provide innovation or at the very least improve existing solutions.

Our Skyforce Juliet balcony system was designed with two core elements in mind: ease of installation and having the most discreet fixing solution possible.

The system dispenses with unsightly top and bottom rails, meaning the building owner gets all the benefits of the view without it being obscured by a thick handrail in the eye line.

Skyforce is tested and certified to BS6180:2011, and because of its simplicity and varied application possibilities it can be fitted to PVCU, aluminium, stone and timber.

Feedback has been fantastic. It is rightfully earning its reputation as an exceptionally quick and easy Juliet balcony system. The dedication we showed in product development to produce a fixing system that doesn’t distract the eye from the sleek design has really paid off.

Skyforce is also compatible with any window profile; thanks to our slide and click technique, the system can be mounted directly onto the window frame or masonry. You can cover all glass thicknesses, heights and widths with only one profile.