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Roof Maker has received a prestigious endorsement from nationally respected architect Nicolas Tye.

Based in Maulden, Bedfordshire, but with premises in London, Peterborough and Birmingham, Nicolas Tye Architects is a multiple award-winning practice noted for its commitment to boundary-breaking design, environmental responsibility and customer service.

Nicolas Tye himself, eastern region chairman of the Royal Institute of British Architects, will be promoting Roof Maker’s industry-leading range of premium rooflights, and sharing his expertise with the firm’s design and marketing team to help them develop a new generation of cutting-edge products.

“What I love about Roof Maker is that they share our commitment to extraordinary design,” said Nicolas. “Roof Maker products are sleek and minimalistic, but still manage to offer outstanding thermal efficiency and all-round performance. I can see a huge market for these sort of high-end rooflights among design-focused, aspirational homeowners – and I won’t just be highly recommending them to my clients, I’ll be incorporating them into both my main practice in Maulden and an extension on my own home.”

Paul Mildenstein, Roof Maker CEO commented: “We’re absolutely delighted to be working with one of the UK’s leading architects – and hugely excited to learn from his extensive expertise.”


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