New roof supplier

Phil Coppell has announced that it will be taking on board the Supalite Tiled Roof.

“We are extremely pleased to announce that Phil Coppell has taken a commercial decision to manufacture the Supalite tiled roofing system as part of our roofing product portfolio as we progress forward within our business,” Phil Coppell said.

“Following many months of research, we firmly believe that Supalite as our key roofing supplier offers both ourselves and our customers a real opportunity to drive our respective businesses forward in a forward thinking proactive manner and with a product range that is far reaching in its capability, while creating a genuine aesthetic appeal at the point of sale.

“In today’s commercial world it is vitally important to have suppliers that are able to work with us in a joined-up business approach, sharing ideas and technical know-how along the way.

“We also looked for a supplier that stays ahead in-terms of market changes and influences, and who has an open approach to the way business is conducted. To this end Supalite ticked all of our boxes.”

Supalite’s managing director Dave Watters said: “You cannot escape the fact that PCL is one of the most widely recognised names in the roofing business, and for them to choose us and our products as the basis of their future growth strategy is great news.

“I am particularly pleased that it is our innovative approach to product development which has really appealed to them. This is something we have championed since the outset and will continue to do so going forward. Developing new products is so important to maintain growth in any market, and we are wholly committed to it.”