Is it time for installers to turn their attention to the inside of the home?

Installed in as little as 10 minutes, the new MasterTrack Internal Sliding Door system from Bohle promises installers access to high margin opportunities. Dave Broxton, managing director at Bohle explains.

Glass partitioning and doors have been established in the commercial sector for decades but are now being specified with far greater frequency in high-end domestic projects, and if commentators have got it right, increasingly the mainstream. So, should you be adding them to your product range?

We’re seeing early-adopters already capitalise on what is proving a very exciting and dynamic growth market. Internal glass sliding door systems have been specified in high-end installations for a little while.

Increasingly, however, they’re making inroads into the mainstream as homeowners switch on to their design potential. Easy to install, the opportunities for installers are massive.

We offer an extensive range of products that support access to this sector. This includes the MasterTrack, our new sliding door system, which will be showcased at this year’s FIT Show.

Able to accommodate glass thickness from 8mm to 12.76mm and maximum weights of 60kg, 80kg, 120kg and 150kg, MasterTrack is available as either a wall-mounted or ceiling hung system.

In addition to the flexibility to handle some heavy weight installations, its USP is that it requires no onsite processing, employing instead a simple but highly effective clamping system. This cuts installation time per door to as little as 10 minutes.

Available in aluminium, stainless steel, black and anthracite grey finishes, MasterTrack also uses specially developed hydraulic dampeners, which can be pre-set according to the weight category for optimum cushioning and ultra-smooth operation.

MasterTrack offers a huge amount of flexibility. It’s a heavyweight system so is suitable for a wide variety of commercial applications but is also ideally suited to domestic installs, offering exceptional reliability because of its ability to handle larger weights.

It also eliminates any requirement for processing of glass, through the application of a simple clamping system, suitable for toughened or laminated glass. That means that it can be quickly and easily hung and adjusted without needing a specialist glass processing skills-set, so it removes barriers to market entry.

We will also be showcasing our new residential balustrading system, VetroMount. Available in standard 2.5m and 5m lengths in top and side-mounted options, VetroMount accommodates glass thickness of up to 21.5mm.

It’s available in a standard anodised finish but also click-and-fix stainless steel finishing option. This allows installers to hold a single system in stock but upsell to a higher end finish.

VetroMount also features an intuitive and patented push and pull mechanism, which supports adjustment of glass tilt to +/-20mm by hand without the use of specialist tooling.

It’s also counterbored, which means its suitable for use with standard, rather than more expensive, counter-fix fixings, while drill holes can be spaced up to 400mm apart (top fixed).

The opportunity to up-sell to a stainless-steel finish without having to hold a second system in stock, is also a real plus for installers.

Bohle will also be showcasing our UV bonding, surface protection, consumables, machine tools, vacuum lifting technology and glass processing tools, with a range of giveaways available on the stand.

There’s a real movement in architectural and interior design to bring more light into our homes, which, alongside a shift to designs that connect interior and exterior spaces, is having a far broader ripple effect and shaping homeowner choices.

The addition of balustrading, an internal partitioning or sliding door system now gives you, as an installer, the opportunity to tap into those opportunities right now.