Installer leads

Emplas’s lead generation programme is delivering more than 200 leads a month to members of its authorised installer network.

Emplas launched its dedicated consumer lead generation programme in 2019, and it’s designed to connect members of the network with homeowners looking to appoint a supplier.

As each lead is generated, it is made available to Emplas customers, who are alerted in real time. It is also automatically pulled into Emplas’ lead management tool, which allows installers to assign leads and manage the status of each lead within their sales pipeline.

“Lead generation, given the exceptional demand that we continue to see, is probably not going to be your first priority,” Jody Vincent, sales director at Emplas, said. “The ability to manage those leads seamlessly is, however, going to be a major win.

“The lead is generated, our customers get notified, and they can then manage the sales pipeline through a very simple and easy-to-manage lead dashboard on EVA.”