Flexible toughening machines

The construction of the Hegla TaiFin CTFs/e-Series is modular, which has allowed machines 6m, 9m, 12m and 18m long (and 3.3m wide) to be installed, as well as the standard range of products under 6m x 3.3m. Installations can also be expanded at a later.

Over 50% of the architectural flat glass in the UK is toughened, and this continues to grow. Furthermore, the introduction of coated glass has meant that furnaces have had to become more sophisticated in their application and control of heat, hence convection, Hegla said.

All the products now being produced to increase performance within sealed unit applications are designed to work against the toughening process: single, double and triple silver coated products.

TaiFin was established 10 years ago; the CTFs/e-Series of architectural flat glass furnaces was launched with forced top and bottom convection.

Greg Smith, managing director at Hegla UK, said: “The furnace you buy now is not just for today, it is an investment for many years to come.”

The TaiFin range offers the following benefits: local bow (roller wave) must be absolute minimum; edge curvature must be as near to zero as possible; and overall or general bow must be excellent.

Glass Anisotrophy measuring systems are fitted to Hegla TaiFin CTF-Series furnaces, and have proven the highest quality on all the above measurement criteria, the company said.

Benefits of the Hegla TaiFin CTF-Series furnace include: patented convection system and convection position control; patented heater that allows exchange without a complete cool off; designed to provide excellent quality of all glass types and coatings; machine design up to 3,600mm width with no limit in length because flexible modular design; glass thicknesses of 2.85mm to 25mm; customised projects.

The machines have been designed to be taken apart as easy as possible, with many features designed to help with maintenance.