Hybrid alternative

Weru UK manufactures Afino-tec, which is 25% lighter than aluminium and allows for a 30% increased aperture than PVCU, making it ideal for bespoke, architecturally designed builds which demand larger, stronger glass areas.

Afino-tec is based on Raufipro, a blend of PVCU and fibreglass that produces a system twice as strong as PVCU, making it an ideal alternative to aluminium, the company said.

The Afino-tec system has load-bearing hardware components screwed into the steel at several points which, when paired with the GFP material in the sash, will offer stability and tensional rigidity.

“For the customer this reinforcement means it is possible for exceptionally large windows to be installed, allowing up to 30% more daylight to enter the home,” the company said.

U-values as low as 0.7W/m2K can be achieved, and Alfino-tec has been designed to comfortably accommodate triple glazing.