Hero to the rescue

Mila has launched a new range of universal friction hinges.

Part of Mila’s Hero hardware essentials range, these are non-handed for quick and easy installation in both left and right-handed applications.

Paul Pearson, Mila’s product design and quality director, said: “One of the most common complaints we hear from the market is that there is too much potential wastage associated with friction hinges. Too many left and right-handed versions get broken in the factory when operators fit the wrong one by mistake and that ends up costing fabricators money. Our new universal solution puts an end to all that, eliminating any wastage and also saving time because operators don’t need to check every time that they are fitting the right one.”

The new friction hinges are competitively priced, the company said, and come with a traditional steel end cap to give the windows a “reassuringly, high quality finish”.

The specification is Ferretic, grade 403 stainless steel combined with high performance rivets for long lasting durability, and they also feature Smooth Slider technology, which makes sure that they open and close smoothly every time by sitting the sliding steel parts on a nylon base.

The new Mila Hero friction hinges are available in 13mm and 17mm stack heights and in side and top hung variants from 8 inches to 24 inches to suit double and triple glazed windows.

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