Heavy-duty balustrade system

Safety and ease of installation go hand in hand with CRL’s Megagrip, a heavy-duty balustrade system suitable for commercial situations.

Megagrip is a fully adjustable 3kN commercial balustrade system, designed as a highly durable public safety barrier for large commercial constructs, such as sports stadiums, transport hubs, and similar venues where there is a risk of overcrowding.

Simple to fit and adjust thanks to its patented screw-clamp technology to secure the glass in place, Megagrip is a dry-glazed system, with no specialist tools are required, so the glass can easily be removed and replaced if required.

Internal glass clamps make alignment of the glass within the channel simple and, as they are compatible with a wide range of glass thicknesses, Megagrip is one of the most adaptable balustrade systems on the market, the company said.

Lightweight and strong, the balustrade system can easily be upgraded with a simple conversion kit to become a bomb-resistant or bulletproof balustrade system.

Megagrip is accredited and approved by multiple organisations to verify that it meets national and international Building Regulations for use as edge protection, where up to 3kN force loading is required.

Precision engineered using extruded aluminium with a geometrically hollowed out core, providing “an incredible strength to weight ratio”, Megagrip is a frameless system. It also includes an accessory range designed to complement any installation, from end caps to create a tidy finish when the balustrade doesn’t finish against a fixed point, side cladding, top bead, and 90º pre-fabricated corners.