Green interest

Window Widgets has reported a surge in demand for Werbar, its range of RCM reinforcement sections for PVCU window and door systems.

It attributes this interest in part to steel shortages and subsequent price hikes.

Available for the vast majority of PVCU window and door systems, Werbar is a cost-effective alternative to steel, the company said. It creates additional profile chambers, provides improved screw retention, and PVC screws can be used optimising the fabrication process, among other properties.

Werbar is also a useful component when looking to reduce U-values in a window and door, and when the new Building Regulations are announced later this year, the product again will likely be harnessed to help meet the new standards set by government, the company said.

Adrian Clare, technical sales executive of Window Widgets, said: “When Werbar came out in 2009 it was designed to be the most cost-effective tool in developing an energy rated window with increases of up to nine points over steel. Importantly, we can provide expert guidance to PVCU frame manufacturers as to which sections to use and what they can achieve from an energy efficiency perspective.

“It is already widely used by many of the largest fabricators in the industry and therefore particularly appropriate to the current range of 70mm systems.”