Going paperless

IG Doors is using job management and electronic proof of delivery software from Podfather across its servicing and installation operations.

With a nationwide team of service and installation engineers, and a customer base consisting of the leading housing developers and associations, IG Doors saw the need to improve the paper-based process that had evolved during the company’s 35-year history.

With the need for an advanced, yet easy-to-use system capable of handling both streams of the business – servicing and installation – the IG Doors team was impressed with Podfather’s capabilities in the building materials sector, its advanced cloud-based planning solution, intuitive driver smartphone app, and customisable reports.

As a result of the Podfather system roll out IG Doors has cut planning and admin time, enhanced customer service, and increased the speed at which proof of delivery information flows across its operation.

“Before Podfather we had to rely on the movement of paper tickets across our business,” James Toyer, from the IT Systems division at IG Doors, said. “Although this has served us well during our 35-year history, the time had come for us to change the way we manage our transport and service operations, for the better.”

IG Doors now use Podfather to plan two key business functions: service engineer appointments and door deliveries. The system is used to manage jobs, produce routes, collect vehicle check details, issue customer ETA notifications, track deliveries and collect electronic proof of delivery information. Instead of paper tickets, drivers are using the Podfather smartphone app to receive job information and enter proof of delivery confirmations with transport and customer service teams having full visibility of exactly what’s going on out on the road at any given time.

The IG Doors team has access to a set of custom-built reports which provide management with accurate information to help assess performance and plan for the future.

“The number of customer service calls has fallen dramatically as our customers enjoy the benefit of having full visibility of when their delivery or service engineer is arriving,” James said.