Glazed roof collection

Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions will be displaying its collection of glazed roof products, from minimalist lanterns and flat rooflights, to the latest in lean-to design,

The Atlas lantern features the slimmest bars, cleanest lines and uncluttered detailing, while delivering superior thermal performance, the company said. Its engineering excellence eliminates the need for bulky ridge detail, bosses and hoods to achieve the ultimate ‘more sky, less roof’.

The Atlas team will be talking to visitors about new developments to the Atlas roof, especially the ‘Skyroom Lean-To’. The 2,500mm x 5,350mm FIT Show model will incorporate 4m-wide bifolding doors from Atlas’s sister company Customade to emphasise the versatility of the space.

The Skyroom Lean-To carries the hallmark of contemporary mock orangery Skyroom. Its raised internal ringbeam and 300mm-high contemporary aluminium external cornice creates the appearance of a real orangery.

“Visitors are sure to be impressed with the visual impact of the slim-line 40mm wide internal ridge and rafters,” the company said. “This slim profile optimises the amount of glazing within the roof to dramatically add to the sense of light and space within the room.  They’ll also see how the clever hidden or rafter tie bar supports eliminate the need for unsightly rod tie bars.”

Atlas will also be displaying two Contemporary Lanterns, which are available in sizes up to 3,000 x 1,500mm. Dubbed ‘the architect’s choice’ because it is “perfectly proportioned with the internal ridge, transom rafters and hips the same 40mm width”, it can cater for pitches from 17º to 35º.

Atlas will also be displaying the Atlas Flat Rooflight, which achieves a U-value of 1.3W/m2k.

Claire Miller, marketing manager at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions, said: “We’ll be showing everyone what the strongest, finest looking and most thermally efficient roof looks like and explaining why they should never compromise on what they choose. And you can be sure that we will continue to develop even more ultimate products in the future.”

Atlas N20