Walking on aïr

The aïr Lounge at FIT Show is offered as the destination for forward-thinking home improvement companies looking for new opportunities in aluminium bifolding and sliding doors.

Brand ambassador Jay Patel said: “The vibrant aïr brand will be reflected in the lounge at FIT Show. We’re inviting innovative companies to join us to experience aïr, the most impressive range of bifold and lift and slide doors. aïr offers more for discerning homeowners, so it gives installation companies fantastic potential to grow their business.

“To celebrate FIT Show’s Big Tuesday, we’re holding an aïr Lounge soiree. It’ll be a chance for our guests to really get to grips with the captivating aïr brand and Everglade Window’s legendary hospitality, too. There will be a professional mixologist, serving up the personalised aïr cocktail that premiered at the aïr Private View launch in 2013.”

aïr – exclusively manufactured by Everglade Windows, offers some of the slimmest sightlines on the market, with sophisticated engineering for a smooth opening every time. aïr bifold and lift and slide doors are available with individual design options, backed by a 25-year guarantee.

“As well as presenting aïr, everyone will be given the chance to win an exclusive hot air balloon ride,” Jay said. “Checking in or tagging us on a social media post will increase their odds.”

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