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Deceuninck Aluminium has said that its new aluminium system offers fabricators an opportunity to rebuild reserves and get cash back into their business through reduced manufacturing costs and inhouse manufacture.

A complete aluminium window and door offer, Decalu has been designed to combine U-values of as low as 0.68W/m2K, with significantly reduced manufacturing times and increased installation efficiencies.

It’s also being underpinned by a commitment to bring new levels of service and flexibility to aluminium systems supply, the company said, which includes dual-colour and marine grade as standard.

Nigel Headford, Deceuninck Aluminium’s business development director, said Decalu gave fabricators an opportunity to build more margin into supply and to re-build their cash reserves.

“Cash is always critical in business, but perhaps more critical now than it has ever been,” he said. “Companies reserves are depleted, so rebuilding them is a priority.

“If you can cut your manufacturing cost by fabricating aluminium windows and doors between 30% and 40% faster, and at lower cost, then you can rebuild the cash in your business more quickly.”

Decalu includes a series of casement options including Decalu 88 Steel and New Steel, designed to replicate steel commercial windows, plus a hidden sash and retro option. There’s also a turn-and-tilt option and the ultra-energy efficient, Decalu101 Scand and a complete range of panel doors with dedicated frame.

Deceuninck Aluminium has, however, chosen to focus its attention during its launch phase on Decalu88 its new bifold and accompanying lift-and-slide option, Decalu163.

“Decalu163 is a very smart lift-and-slide product,” Nigel said. “Sashes will go to 400kg in weight and still open effortlessly.

“Decalu88 offers incredible manufacturing efficiencies and through life performance but also the opportunities to add margin instantly.”

He added that the opportunity to add margin and get cash back into their businesses extended to those fabricators buying-in.

“If you can make a premium bifolding door so efficiently, why would you continue to buy-in product from a third-party,” he said. “Why not source it from a single supplier along with your other systems and make it yourself.

“You’re instantly putting 35% margin back on each and every door you sell. You don’t need to invest a lot in machinery to start manufacture. It’s a ready-made opportunity to bring margin back into your business and to rebuild cash.”

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