Garden room demand

Software from Windowlink is helping installers secure high-profile garden building projects, following a reported 300% rise in garden room sales.

Recent studies have shown that 60% of the UK population were working from home in the peak of the pandemic, and that is set to continue with companies reaping the benefits of employees being more productive in their own workspace.

Large companies like Facebook and Spotify have already announced they will allow staff to carry on working remotely after lockdown was lifted.

This coincides with the massive rise in garden room sales as homeworkers look to create a space that separates home and work environments.

Specialising in creating software to help builders and installers visualise projects to customers, Windowlink can create 3D images for garden rooms with its Vector software programme.

The design package allows users to provide customers with a visual example of the final project by creating high-resolution 3D graphics of garden rooms and superimposing them onto images of the existing property or garden. Vector also guides users through the pricing process, allowing companies to provide quotes and prevent mistakes, which can help save time and money.

From the Vector package there is also the additional option of the 4Site Imaging Bureau, which transforms these images into 3D fly-through videos. It also includes detailed personalisation features to provide homeowners with a realistic representation of how the completed building will look from every angle.

Mark Dudley, Windowlink’s managing director, said: “When homeowners are looking to make a big investment, they want reassurance of how it will look, and our Vector package is a fantastic resource to do this.”

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