Future proofing

Rockdoor now offers a hassle-free ‘no bow guarantee’ on its entire door range, which the company said is the result of an ongoing programme of product improvement and innovation.

In early 2018, Rockdoor commissioned a purpose-built testing rig, one that could simulate the types of weather conditions that cause doors to move. On one side of the door, 25 heat lamps were used to simulate the interior of a warm, cosy home. On the other side, cold air fans generated the kind of sub-zero temperatures that we typically experience in winter.

Into this rig was placed a ‘next generation’ Rockdoor, one that was manufactured using a specially developed 10mm-thick aluminium box section applied to the door substrate, and a steel reinforcement within the outer frame. A network of sensors then systematically recorded how the door performed.

Over time, this focus on data-driven product improvement enabled Rockdoor to refine, reinforce, and now relaunch its next generation door.

Simon Bird, Rockdoor’s joint founder, said: “All doors move. However, the level of movement is dictated by the materials with which the door is constructed, something that effects all door manufacturers.

“Our team have worked tirelessly, analysing and re-engineering the Rockdoor so that it thrives in the British climate. Our aim is always to offer a door that can be truly relied upon, by both the installer and homeowners. We think our new hassle free ‘no bow guarantee’ demonstrates that we are willing to put our head above the parapet and support our customers even further.”