Free guide to Part M

MI Products has created a handy guide to help customers meet Building Regulations Approved Document Part M.

The guide includes information about the correct thresholds to use in order to meet the guidelines for accessibility.

“We created the Guide to Thresholds and Part M as a crib sheet for fabricators and installers to refer to,” Ian Searle, director at MI Products, said.

“It contains lots of information at a glance on what Part M is, how thresholds can comply with Part M, why Part M and accessibility is so important and who is responsible for compliance.”

Approved Document Part M is a section in Building Regulations that contains guidance on accessibility to ensure that new-build properties are suitable for those with limited access.

MI Products developed the FX15, a Part M threshold that achieves a 15mm upstand without any extensions or ramps. This enables easily accessible entrances and exits for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. The FX15 threshold is also ideal for children and pushchairs.