Flush rooflight

AluFoldDirect has launched the Technic-AL flat aluminium rooflight.

Craig Miller, managing director at AluFoldDirect, said: “As with our Technic-AL roof lantern, the new aluminium flat rooflight is available in stock sizes and colours, delivered next day. This means that installers can build the opening and then order the rooflight to be delivered direct to site, ready to be installed.

“Introducing this new Technic-AL product means that installers now have two options to offer customers, a roof lantern or a new flat rooflight, which is ideal for flat roof extensions and retrofitting old skylights in commercial buildings.”

The Technic-AL flat rooflight has been designed to be easy to install. With minimal frame visibility, it offers the look and feel of an open roof.

Manufactured with a fully aluminium frame, with no plastic fascias or cappings, the flat rooflight design brings more light into rooms without adding extra height to buildings. It has a frame U-value of just 1.0W/m2K, and is available with double or triple glazing, with bonded units for a flush finish.

The flat rooflight is available in four stock sizes: 0.6m x 0.8m, 0.6m x 1m, 1m square, or 1m x 1.5m. Stock colours are anthracite grey, hipca white, and black.

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