Fast delivery and fast to build

Ultraframe’s Garden Rooms are available in all sizes and configurations on a ten-day lead time, thanks to a modular proposition based on two core styles – The Pavilion and The Studio – which are available in a range of pre-set sizes, and options for personalisation such as full length glazed panels and windows.

Ultraframe said its Garden Rooms are also fast to fit thanks to familiar components.

Ultraframe’s marketing director Alex Hewitt said: “When we were developing our new Garden Room range, we really focused on the speed at which they could be delivered and built. With a product that is in such demand, time on site needed to be kept as brief as possible to allow installers to quickly complete a build and move onto the next one. Both styles of Ultraframe Garden Room use components already familiar to our installers and can be watertight in just one day. As they are familiar components, no additional training is required, although we are running a series of webinars to ensure that anyone who wants further information has a forum to learn and ask questions.”