Equal openings for all

The new DC6113 slimline transom door closer from Assa Abloy presents the solution to a major industry challenge: finding the perfect balance between safety and security, and the need to make buildings accessible for all users, the company has announced.

Assa Abloy said that many old people in Britain struggle to access buildings, a problem that also affects young people and those with disabilities. At the same time, doors that open easily but do not close properly pose a security risk and do not comply with fire regulations. A balance of the two is therefore required to make buildings safe and accessible for everyone.

DC6113 meets all relevant standards: BS 8300-2:2018, the British Standard setting out how buildings should be designed, constructed and maintained to create an accessible and inclusive environment for all; Approved Document M, the building regulation for access to and the use of buildings; and The Equality Act, the basis of anti-discrimination law in Great Britain.

DC6113 door closer achieves both BS 8300-2:2018 and Approved Document M at EN power size three. Many transom door closers only achieve these standards at EN power size two, and are therefore not compliant with heavier doors that require EN power size three, the company said.

The DC6113 is CE-marked and tested to BS EN 1154 and BS EN 1634-1, as well as suitable for fire and smoke protection on timber doors up to 60 minutes.

Notable features include the DC6113’s efficient Cam-Motion technology, which delivers a rapidly decreasing torque curve for minimal resistance, and thermodynamic valves that ensure consistent performance in a range of temperatures.

The DC6113 can be retrofitted with (and uses the same accessories as) the Adams Rite ARC51, is available with a wide range of detachable spindle sizes (14mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 24mm), and offers access to the regulating valves so that closing and latching speeds can be easily adjusted.