Endurance highlights ‘finishing touches’

Endurance Doors has enhanced its website with two new pages, dedicated to the hardware and glazing options for its portfolio of over 85 door styles.

Russell Hensman, group marketing manager at Endurance Doors, commented: “Glazing and hardware may seem like small flourishes, but they can have a big influence on the overall look of a door.

“Aside from this aesthetic impact, they can also make a significant contribution towards a door’s functionality – for instance, by enhancing security or privacy, or by enabling the incorporation of smart sensing and locking technology.”

The new glazing page on the Endurance Doors’ website allows homeowners to explore the brand’s full selection of over 30 glazing styles, all of which are available as either double or triple glazed units.

Browsers can view all of the glazing in the Endurance range in close-up detail by watching specially recorded videos. They can also use an interactive tool to understand the different opacity levels on offer.

The new glazing page also features information on Endurance Doors’ most popular combinations of glazing, door styles and colour to provide some quick and easy inspiration.

The new hardware page on the Endurance Doors’ website features 360° product imagery and allows people to take an in-depth look at the various hardware options offered by the manufacturer.

This includes a choice of seven ranges, each consisting of products such as letterplates, handles, knockers, knobs, and escutcheons, and available in different colours and finishes.

The new hardware page also provides information on additional products such as door numerals, door guards, which provide a more robust and secure alternative to traditional doors chains, and the smart, ERA TouchKey keyless locking system.

There are even tips on maintaining the manufacturer’s door hardware to maximise its longevity and enduring appeal.

“The addition of the new glazing and hardware pages to our website reflects our focus on supporting our installer partners with comprehensive, consumer-focussed marketing,” concluded Russell.

“It also demonstrates the strength of our commitment to their success as to achieve the desired level of functionality required a considerable investment.

“Importantly, all of the content and new assets created for these pages are available in the installer area of our website for our customers to use as part of their own marketing activity. We can also assist installer partners with incorporating them into their own existing online presence.”