Easy roof replacement

Unless you have the right products in your portfolio, retro-fitting solid conservatory roofs is not always as easy as it seems, according to Modplan.

Justin Williams, international sales and marketing director at Modplan, said: “Many replacement roofs are heavier than the originals so structural calculations and appropriate structural reinforcement is needed to ensure the conservatory is able to hold the additional weight. It makes replacing a conservatory roof a complex, potentially tricky job.”

As the first company to offer Leka roof options, Modplan spotted the gap in the market for a replacement conservatory roof that delivers thermal efficiency benefits without additional weight.

The Leka Warm Roof and the Leka Orangery Roof typically weigh within 30kg-40kg of a traditional glass conservatory roof, so in most cases existing conservatory frames are able to take the weight of the new roofing system without needing additional reinforcement.

The task is made even easier by the intelligent design of Leka products. Leka roof products are jhai-approved, all materials are supplied pre-cut to exact specifications, and there are fewer elements to install than on a traditional solid conservatory replacement roof.

On-site installations typically only take between one and three days, including removing the old roof.