Do you know what you’re installing?

Take the guess work out of glass installation with the comprehensive range of glass detection tools from CRL.

For a multifunctional approach, Glass Check Elite identifies laminated glass in a window and measures the thickness of the laminate’s inner layer. Its graphical display shows an illustration of the profile of the window, helping the user to understand the construction of the window; ideal for use on multi-storey installations.

The CRL Conductive Coating Detector is for use on single pane and double glazed units. Pocket-sized for convenience, it verifies coatings and assures correct assembly and installation procedures using low-e glass. Simple to use with a red indicator and audible notification, while edge stops reduce the risk of accidental scratching.

For laminated glass, the CRL Merlin Laser Glass Measurement Gauge provides quick and accurate identification with no need for glass removal. Providing accurate measurements of single glass and air gap thickness in single, double, and triple glazed units, the gauge gives the same readout as costly digital units costing £hundreds more, the company said, while being able to identify laminate interlayers at the touch of a button.

The CRL Merlin Laser Toughened Glass Indicator can detect toughened glass in single panes from one side only at the touch of a button.