Cost reduction opportunities

Engineering and glazing tape supplier Lohmann Technologies has released a video which it believes is guaranteed to capture the attention of window manufacturers who are keen to achieve immediate cost reduction in their production/extrusion processes.

One of the key elements to emerge from the video, which was shot at a customer’s manufacturing plant, is the speed of assembly achieved by embracing proprietary tapes from Lohmann, but Lohmann is quick to point out that it isn’t just improved productivity which comes from using its products in the manufacture of PVCU, aluminium or wood windows.

As an example, the company states that by using its tape for bonding and sealing the glass inside the extrusions, the additional strength and structural integrity provided by the process removes the need to include a steel bracing bar inside the frame. This not only reduces the parts count and saves material cost, it also saves on assembly time as well.

Moreover, bonding around all the edges is a clean, quick and accurate process which also delivers a weight saving on the completed unit, thanks to the absence of the steel bar.

In the case of PVCU windows, the use of Lohmann tape also removes the need to use additional gasketing during the glass installation process.

Lohmann’s Duplocoll tape range includes a variety of adhesive options specifically designed and developed for use with either aluminium, PVCU or wooden frame designs as well as composite mixes.

Amanda Smith, Lohmann segment manager, building and construction, said: “More and more manufacturers using PVCU and aluminium are now moving away from applying the time consuming gasket, silicone and distance tape trio during assembly, and are switching instead to a clean single product which is easier to handle, gives much greater strength, looks better, weighs less and costs less.”