Colour and style

AGC Glass Europe has introduced Stratobel Colour, a new range of coloured laminated glass products.

Stratobel Colour offers eight classic colours while maintaining the characteristics of the laminated safety glass.

These include two greys and two browns, which are customisable as multiple films of the same colour can be combined to increase opacity while maintaining luminosity. It is possible to replace the Planibel Clearlite with the highly transparent Planibel Clearvision to make the colours appear more prominent.

The range also offers two translucent whites (Mat 80 and Mat 65) that let light through while protecting privacy, along with a totally opaque white and black film.

Furthermore, by combining products from AGC’s range with the new Stratobel coloured films, it is possible to merge the aesthetics of colour, safety and other functions, such as solar control, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, into one single product.

Stratobel Colour offers a multitude of solutions for exterior architectural projects (facade, balustrades, roofs, etc) and interior decoration (partitions, floors, etc).

My Colour by Stratobel is a service that offers the option of creating custom colours tailored to the requirements of each project. AGC representatives will use AGC’s IT tool to guide customers from the design phase all the way to placing the order.