We can offer a solution

The headquarters of KFK are located close to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The company is specialized in the design and production of glass facades and has numerous prestigious projects and references all over the world. Lisec reports.

KFK was founded 20 years ago. Initially the company, which is 100% privately owned, produced light aluminum constructions. At Dugo Selo, 200 employees generate a turnover of around 60 million euros, a third of which is based on export – mainly to Germany, Austria, Slovenia and in the USA.

Marijo Tomić, head of production at KFK, said: “We have designed a very aggressive growth strategy and now take the required measures to manage this growth.”

KFK has got, among others, the contract to produce the glass facade of Europe’s highest building, to be erected in London: Landmark Pinnacle. This building has 76 floors, and the production time calculated for all glass elements is 440 days.

“The time schedule is a very tight one, but this is what we call healthy stress,” Marijo said.

One major decision KFK took, was to become more independent from suppliers.

“We used to buy all our glasses from suppliers and had to deal with quality issues and/or constantly changing delivery times,” Marijo said. “We therefore decided to increase added value – a big step for us, but we are convinced this will lead to success.”

Since October 2016, the following Lisec glass production equipment has been installed: buffer solution, glass cutting lines (also for laminated glass), glass processing machines KBF and KSR, one IG line with flexible spacer applicator, a spacer processing center, and a production line for laminated glass with autoclave and clean room. Lisec also delivered the entire software solution.

“We opted for Lisec for two reasons: on the one hand we want to install and manufacture with the best equipment on the market [and] on the other hand, we were looking for a supplier who is able to offer the entire solution from a single source,” Marijo said.

For its own glass production, a new 2,000m2 hall was built. The design of the hall is unique and expresses KFK’s understanding of and closeness to architecture: red-brick walls, black painted metal ceilings, a light grey floor and massive glass facades that allows for bright, light-flooded rooms.

“We are really happy with the performance of Lisec,” Marijo said. “In total it were 119 trucks that transported the equipment to us – this must have been a huge project that needed careful monitoring and Lisec managed this really well.

“To us Lisec is not only a machine builder, they also offered support and trained us in getting started with glass production at all – and they know how, since they produce glass themselves. We appreciate the constructive talks, the fast reaction time and the overall stress-free cooperation.”