Bonding and sealing in one tape

Lohmann Technologies has launched its new DuploCOLL Static Direct Glazing tape which, it said, brings benefits to unit manufacturers because it provides three advantages in one easy-to-apply step.

By both bonding and sealing the glazed panels into the frame in a single operation, the use of SDG tape makes previously used separate joining and sealing operations redundant, thus saving considerable assembly time and cost, the company said. And it is claimed to offer a better seal that lasts longer.

A further advantage for manufacturers is that by using SDG tape in PVC profiles, the need to brace window frames using a stainless steel core is removed. Therefore, the completed unit is easier to move, transport and install. Lohmann further states that thermal transfer is reduced through the use of its tape, delivering improved performance from better heat management.

By bonding the glazed panels direct to the frames, Lohmann said the integrity of both the joint and the seal in the corners is just as high as it is on the remainder of the unit; because they are bonded, there is no weak spot on the corners and so the glazed panels cannot be easily prised open.

Until now, this well-established technique for units manufactured from PVCU was also suitable for window construction bonds on untreated wood provided it was used in combination with a surface primer pre-treatment. However, users can now implement Static Direct Glazing bonding direct onto both wooden frames and aluminium/wood windows that have been lacquered.

The tape has been tested on varnished wood to meet the requirements of IFT Rosenheim standard VE 08/T5.

DuploCOLL tape is available in three thicknesses (1.3mm, 2mm and 3.2mm) and are resistant to UV, detergents, ageing, weather and solvent use.

For faster assembly, the company can provide window manufacturers with precision die-cuts of the tape matched to the exact size required for individual units. Some of the tapes can be cut to a tolerance of +/-0.05mm.

Lohmann’s glazing industry application specialist Amanda Smith said: “To allow manufacturers to switch to SDG tape without incurring any additional tooling costs, we have available a patented Adapter Bar, which can be used in existing sash profiles. So, the advantages available from SDG can be obtained immediately and without any requirement for a change of tooling or other extra expense.”

The use of Lohmann’s SDG tapes permits the use of ever-larger glazed panels together with smaller frames to bring more natural light into workplaces, institutions and homes.