Bespoke shootbolt

Kenrick has created a bespoke multipoint window locking system for Garrard Windows.

The new locking system incorporates a heavy-duty shootbolt, which is twice as thick as a standard shootbolt. The Excalibur Heavy Duty Shootbolt, which is exclusive to Garrard Windows, is Secured by Design approved.

Every one of the 3,000 windows that Garrard Windows fabricates from Liniar profile each week is equipped with a Kenrick system and the majority are now fitted with this new shootbolt.

The fitter-friendly shootbolt features a robust unhanded die-cast gearbox and bi-directional die-cast claws to ensure it provides security and reliability. The centre keep of the claws has been branded with Garrard Windows’ ‘Vevo’ logo.

Steve Leek, Garrard Windows’ managing director, said: “We’ve enjoyed a long and prosperous partnership with Kenrick, during which the company has kept pace with our growth and introduced a number of new products to the range. The team at Kenrick developed this new shootbolt to meet our customer needs. It carries all the hallmarks of quality and security and is now the most popular system we use.

“We continue to work with Kenrick because every product is made from high quality components that don’t fail. As a volume fabricator, we need a robust supply chain and Kenrick is a secure partner for us, bringing industry-leading service levels that we know we can rely on. Stock levels are fundamental and Kenrick holds more stock than any of its competitors. This means that our supply never run out, even on bespoke products.”