Anti-pitting test exceeds 3,000 hours

Lock Lock from Brisant Secure has spent over 3,000 hours (four months) in independent corrosion testing, with no sign of pitting or blistering.

Just 240 hours, or 10 days, of salt spray testing is required to achieve the EN 1906:2012. The highest corrosion grade measured is 480 hours.

“Pitting on door furniture is one of the industry’s dirtiest secrets,” Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant Secure, said. “In fact, Lock Lock has spent longer in the salt spray chamber than some handles I used to buy lasted on the door. Many manufacturers only offer a guarantee on performance, or a token one on the finish.

“Some recommend stainless steel for ‘coastal’ areas – but 63% of the UK population live less than 9.3 miles from the sea. And 36% live within just 3 miles. In fact, most of us are near the coast, and the issues we have in the UK with corrosion on door handles reflects that. What might be fine for inland Europe, America or Australia, just isn’t suitable for an island like ours.”

Brisant has increased Lock Lock’s initial two-year guarantee to five years, and will go further if the handles tested continue to perform.