Authentic alternative

Force 8 manufactures casement windows with run-through sash horns for an authentic timber alternative, the company said.

Fabricated using sash horn components from Rehau, the horn is incorporated into the structure of the window, replicating traditional timber manufacturing techniques.

Dennis Sumner, managing director at Force 8, said: “Many homeowners want to enhance the traditional style of their properties and, when aiming for this look, the devil is in the detail. Many PVCU windows with sash horns feature unsightly welded joints which immediately spoil the heritage look. By choosing windows with run-through sash horns, the integrity of the timber-effect look is preserved, especially when combined with woodgrain foils.”

The company has found that not only are homeowners replacing casements with updated ones featuring the run-through sash horn, but also there has been a move towards this style of window by those who previously had vertical sliders.