Assured fire protection

Designing, specifying and installing fire-rated timber framed butt-jointed glazing is now easier with the assurance of a fully traceable supply chain with the launch of Systemglas Ligna by Promat UK.

Joining the existing frameless, paintable, metal-clad and steel frame options to complete the Systemglas range, Ligna gives designers the combination of assured fire protection and maximum light transmission in all kinds of timber framed glazed partitions and screens.

It has been tested (Certifire CF5452) to provide integrity and insulation (EI) fire protection from 30 minutes up to 60 minutes (EI30 to EI60).

Ian Cowley, regional director (UK and Scandinavia) at Promat UK, said: “For the first time, specifiers can choose a complete system with confidence, safe in the knowledge that all elements of the glazing system are designed and manufactured to work together to deliver the required fire protection.

“It takes away any ambiguity with Promat specialists, maintaining control and reducing supply chain risk by eliminating the points where there could be any deviation in the specification.”