Any product, any colour

Property programmes have an astonishing hold over the UK consumer, according colour spray company Kolorseal.

Deborah Hendry, MD of Kolorseal, said: “There are an increasing number of programmes ‘educating’ consumers in how to make their home improvements – to make their houses look better, more welcoming, more on trend, as well as make them more sellable when the time comes.

“A popular topic is the importance of the first impression of a house, especially when it comes to selling up, but property experts warn that which colours you choose for your windows and doors could make all the difference.”

Deborah said door colours are often bolder, while windows follow the more pastel or grey shades.

“Some of our customers have uniform colours for all their doors and windows, while others opt for more variety,” she said. “Then sometimes of course, we get people asking for bespoke colour matches for the more individual projects. Furthermore, we keep roofline and guttering in-stock, which can be colour coated to match the window and door choices.

“As an industry, we are aware of the importance of colour, but as it’s placed under the spotlight by property experts, manufacturers need to be in a strong position to deliver. Kolorseal can help.”