All pane and all gain

Frame Fast UK now manufactures more than 1,300 insulated glass units every week.

“Opening the glass factory has been a big benefit to customers,” Nigel Leivers, director at Frame Fast, said. “We have seen production continue to grow as demand has continued to rise. In fact, it’s grown so much that we’ve had to make more space for glass production.

“We have added another 10,000ft2 of factory space. Both roof manufacture and aluminium window and door fabrication have moved to give them more space. Glass production has a new, much larger, home too. The £60,000 investment in machinery means we needed more space and we wanted to put glass production into a place where there was space for it to grow even more.”

Frame Fast also has a decorative glass division where craftsmen hand make any design. It has attracted a lot of interest especially for entrance doors where some homeowners want to make a real statement, the company said. Now the move is complete, Frame Fast has also custom-made its own logo in glass.

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