A showcase for The Consultancy

The Consultancy has completed one of its biggest ever bespoke website projects for Hallmark Doors and Panels – but has already started making changes to it.

According to The Consultancy, that’s not because Hallmark don’t love the new website though or because it’s not doing a good job attracting visitors and generating enquiries, it’s because Hallmark takes the view that its website is an ongoing process and not a one-off project.

Hallmark Doors is said to work in such close partnership with The Consultancy that the team there has become like an extension of its in-house IT and marketing departments, constantly honing the website and implementing incremental improvements.

Hallmark commented: “We make big investments in our online presence and have no doubt about what that brings us in terms of return. We joined forces with The Consultancy in 2017 and since then we’ve seen remarkable levels of growth year on year. We’ve just been named on the list of the top 50 fastest growing companies in Yorkshire – and we’re set for another successful year of growth despite the tough trading conditions.

“Our online presence, user-friendly website and online quoting and ordering systems make us a really easy company to do business with – and frees our operational and customer service departments to deliver proactive improvements in our performance elsewhere.”

The new Hallmark website is deliberately more retail focused than the one it replaces – although all the trade-friendly portals and designers are still there. The reason for that is that Hallmark wants to increase the thousands of retail enquiries it already generates online every year and pass even more leads onto customers.

Hallmark added: “In our industry, there are a lot of businesses doing very similar things in their marketing, but we’ve always taken the view that we need to look beyond this industry in order to create stand out for ourselves and our customers. That’s why our entire online presence is benchmarked against retail and Blue-Chip brands rather than against any of our competitors.

“The Consultancy has always embraced our ambition and the new website is a really impressive showcase for their creative ability and understanding of retail buying habits. The fact that they know this industry inside out is incredibly helpful because they totally understand all the key touchpoints for trade buyers and have all the specialist technical knowledge we need. However, they’ve still been able to create something which wouldn’t look out of place for a high street retailer and gives us real stand out from what everyone else is doing.”

Pete Lancaster, The Consultancy’s head creative, added: “We work with the Hallmark team virtually every day to deliver ongoing marginal gains which, over time, really add up. They track and report every trivial pinch point that customers experience, and we work on a solution for them.

“The scale of the Hallmark website and the investment it represents is obviously not for everyone. But what I hope it demonstrates is the tangible commercial benefits that can be achieved if you really focus on making the most of your online presence, regardless of your budget – and put your trust in The Consultancy as your online partners.”