UK’s largest modular-constructed village given the go ahead

The new village of Inholm, which will be the largest in the UK to be manufactured offsite using modern volumetric construction, has been given the go-ahead by South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Planning Committee.

Inholm is a contemporary Fenland village and the second phase of Cambridgeshire’s new town, Northstowe. Once complete, Northstowe will comprise 10,000 new homes.

The project will be completed by house builder House by Urban Splash, a new company backed by Urban Splash, Homes England, and Japan’s biggest house builder Sekisui House.

Inholm will include 406 modular homes and will be surrounded by a country park, sustainable drainage swales, ecological zones, and an education campus.

Proctor and Matthews Architects is the lead architect and the modular homes will include designs by architects shedkm, which can be configured by the buyer to their own design before being built in a factory and delivered to site.

The majority of homes will be manufactured in the House factory in Alfreton, East Midlands.

Mark Latham, regeneration director at House, said: “We want to break new ground and surprise people using the latest building methods combined with bespoke designs. We are offering a range of customisable homes and apartments to suit a wide range of modern families, lifestyles and budgets.”

Stephen Proctor, founder of Proctor and Matthews Architects, said: “Our design for this contemporary mixed-use residential quarter is inspired by the form of traditional edge-of-fenland settlements and recent archaeological discoveries within the locality.”

Ian Killick, director at shedkm, said: “The ‘Inholm’ urban village will feature the most up to date versions of our house and apartment designs, incorporating new technologies and Cambridgeshire-inspired materials and details.

“We’re working with a great team and have high hopes of creating an exemplar neighbourhood that sets a new benchmark for the use of modern methods of construction.”