Train for industry changes

Architectural ironmongers are being encouraged to demonstrate their competence for specifying door hardware by gaining a diploma in architectural ironmongery in preparation for industry changes.

The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers’ (GAI) education programme is offering a Certificate in Architectural Hardware as a self-led, online course and examination in two stages.

It is particularly useful for those working in related warehouse and trade counter roles, scheduling and estimating, customer service, technical support, sales and administration, GAI said.

Those who complete stage one will be fully competent in making informed decisions when working with particular products and materials, and will have a good understanding of best practices and industry standards. Stage two shows learners how to apply product and industry knowledge. It also gives a more in-depth understanding of the industry and its components such as fire door hardware, access control systems and intermediate scheduling.

Once the Certificate in Architectural Hardware has been completed, students can continue their professional education with the GAI Diploma, which focuses on the skills needed for scheduling the architectural ironmongery, electric hardware and key control for a project. This is of particular importance for architectural ironmongers working on projects constructed to UK and European standards.

“Now more than ever, there is a huge focus on the competency of professionals specifying products,” Rachel Tipton, GAI education manager, said. “It isn’t just a case of choosing a handle or a hinge based purely on cost or because it looks nice. Architectural ironmongery plays a key role in the safety and security of people and property; it isn’t something you can afford to get wrong.”