Do thermal inserts pose a risk?

Anglo European is asking if companies are taking a risk by switching from steel reinforcement to thermal inserts.

“Most system companies and fabricators test windows to the size dictated by the regulations,” James Lister, director at Anglo European, said. “But those aren’t the sizes that get installed in UK homes. We’re concerned that the trend for bigger windows in the real-world means installers may be fitting windows that don’t have the right level of reinforcement in them.

“It could be a ticking time-bomb for fabricators and installers who may be caught out with failures. It’s easy to think that using a thermal insert is good enough but who has put the windows to the test? We are investing in getting the right answer so fabricators and installers don’t have to leave it to chance.

“We have real-world sized windows being tested right now and we’ll know very soon about exactly what level of reinforcement is needed. Plus, we’ll be able to give complete peace of mind to fabricators with a new warranty based on the results from the tests.”