System’s software set up

Sheerline fabricators can now use Sheerline’s product database on Business Micros Evolution, First Degree and LogiKal.

Aluminium software packages are often complicated, but Sheerline’s software partners make it quick and easy for fabricators to set up with Sheerline, the company said.

Adrian Girling, Garnalex’s software development director, said: “We understand the importance of user-friendly software systems for fabricators. The Garnalex team has a lot of in-house experience of using this type of software and we’re delighted to offer compatibility with Business Micros Evolution, First Degree and LogiKal.

“We want to make the set-up process as easy as possible for fabricators, so with Business Micros, for example, we deliver the package to customers fully equipped with their costs included. They can sit down straight away and get started using the package with zero set up and with no extra training required. We can also offer support internally so we can respond to customer queries much more promptly.”