Stevenswood recruits 73 approved installers

Stevenswood has signed up 73 customers to the Veka Approved Installer scheme.

As part of the campaign to encourage customers to make the most of the free scheme, Stevenswood, in association with The Veka UK Group, ran a prize draw for Stevenswood customers who signed up in October.

Marketing manager at Stevenswood Sarah Lang said: “We wanted to sign up more of our customers to the scheme so that they could take advantage of the benefits it offers. To make it even more appealing, we offered the chance to win new livery for their work van, complete with design worth up to £1,500.”

The incentive worked: 73 customers have signed up to the scheme through Stevenswood, and now have access to extra support for their businesses.

The winner of the van livery prize was Liam McGinlay, who is a customer of the Stevenswood Falkirk Local Trade Centre.

“Liam was really pleased with his prize, especially as he was already planning to have new van livery done himself,” Sarah said. “His van has been transformed, and the design includes the Approved Installer logo.”

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