Ransomware cyber attack resisted

Glazerite was recently the victim of the same virus that severely disrupted the NHS and TNT this year, along with many other organisations.

However, despite every one of the business’s servers being hit Glazerite was fully operational again within just 27 hours, with disruption kept to a minimum thanks to the robust systems put in place to deal with such a risk, according to the company.

On a Monday evening in early September Glazerite’s servers were attacked by the virus that has wreaked havoc in organisations throughout the world, with the perpetrators demanding a ransom to release the company’s systems from their grip. As a business that is heavily reliant on an IT infrastructure that connects every process within Glazerite’s four regional centres, the potential for disruption was immense.

However, the company’s robust systems and advanced back up and disaster recovery procedures had been installed in anticipation of such a threat. Coupled with round the clock work from the company’s staff and IT support company Glazerite was fully operational again within 27 hours.

Disruption to customers was minimal with one – David Thornton of The Window Company (Contracts) – vowing to use Glazerite’s systems as a model for protecting his own firm.

“I just wanted to say how brilliantly Glazerite have handled the situation, keeping us informed regularly as you moved through the recovery process,” David said in a letter to Glazerite.

“We test all of our systems exhaustively, whether it’s new fabrication lines or logistics systems,” Glazerite director John Hewitt said. “And now the effort and investment we put into protecting our IT network has proved to be worth every penny and minute that we put into it, with relatively little impact on our business. Not bad going for an SME employing around 250 people nationwide, when global corporations have taken weeks if not months to recover.”

According to one major survey, 48% of the companies that took part had been hit by at least one attack in the previous 12 months.