IoT importance despite digital concerns

A new study commissioned by provider of business solutions HSO has revealed that more than four in ten (43%) managers in the manufacturing industry believe that Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are critical for driving a successful predictive engineering approach, but admit a lack of digital culture is preventing progress.

IoT is one of the biggest buzzwords among managers of manufacturering that understand the importance of this evolving technology. The use of machine learning is also front of mind, with 31% of the 250 managers labelling this technology as critical when implementing a predictive engineering programme.

However, the survey also discovered that manufacturers are severely lagging behind other industries when it comes to digital transformation.

Surprisingly, 26% of those polled admitted that their businesses lack digital culture while a further 24% complain that there is a need for a greater technology infrastructure in their business, making technologies such as predictive engineering impossible.

These suggestions highlight a sense of frustration among some manufacturers, with 88% of managers admitting that technology plays a key role in driving forward the implementation of predictive engineering.

Mark Breeden, senior account manager at HSO, said: “The research demonstrates that many businesses are missing opportunities due to technology restraints within their businesses’ culture. Manufacturers need tools at their disposal to be able to implement these new efficient technology programmes across the production chain.

“Technologies such as IoT and machine learning are clearly being recognised as very important by manufacturing managers, so I hope it is just a matter of time before programmes such as predictive engineering are increasingly used throughout the industry. “