Production investment

In the past 18 months, Distinction Doors has invested over £750,000 in its production facilities at its 86,000ft2 headquarters in South Yorkshire.

Gareth Williams, operations director, said: “The investment we have made in our production facilities helps us to be more efficient across the board and gives us benefits we can pass on to our customers.”

The investment includes two new CNC machines, which has doubled its capacity, two edge banders, and rollers and transfer trollies have been installed in the preparation areas to improve organisation and the flow of doors through the department.

The company is currently looking at automated manual handling systems and conveyors between machines to improve the flow and to cut down on manual handling where possible.

The production facility is also benefiting from a new extraction unit, which includes an extraction-on-demand system that constantly monitors machine use and only powers up when machines are running.

“The extraction-on-demand installation will help us make significant energy savings,” Gareth said. “In fact, we believe we will have recovered its cost in less than 18 months, not to mention helping us meet our environmental commitment.”