Online extra

Glasstec exhibitors can use a new online exhibition that will run from October 20 to 22.

While Glasstec was postponed until June 15-18 2021, the organisers have organised a new digital event that will fill the autumn gap.

Glasstec Virtual will consist of the three segments: exhibition space, networking plaza and conference area. This allows exhibitors to maintain and extend their business relations on the market, Glasstec said. Additional tools such as virtual product presentations and new interactive options make it possible to address target groups in an optimised way and generate potential leads.

“Save the October dates in your agenda for Glasstec Virtual and use this opportunity to stay connected with the international glass industry,” Birgit Horn, director Glasstec, said.

Glasstec Virtual will offer free lectures from the Glasstec conference that will cover globally trending themes. Participants will be able to interact with speakers and follow the talks from all over the world.

The exhibitor showroom allows exhibitors to upload product videos, organise ‘web sessions’ and talk to potential customers via a chat tool.

“The showroom also brings the option of continued exposure with other advertising and communication materials alongside product information and data entries,” Glasstec said.

Via the networking plaza, the new matchmaking tool allows exhibitors to establish direct contact with potentially interested parties by requesting special fields of interest and extensive filter functions. After making an appointment, personal conversations can be held via audio or video calls in a virtual room.

Access to these extra ranges of Glasstec Virtual is automatically available to all exhibitors registered for the Glasstec next year, and visitors can access it free of charge.