Next white paper in series

Pace Resourcing has said the next in a series of white papers by should do much to assist managers in handling one of the biggest challenges brought about by the pandemic: employees working from home.

The second of a series of three guides supports employers on staff-related matters.

Pace Resourcing decided to produce the series after recognising that the virus crisis is forcing business leaders to adapt and find new ways of working, particularly in the field of employee management.

Director Vivien Globe said: “Many business leaders assume that home working is a temporary measure, and that we’ll eventually get back to more normal working practices. However, the truth is the post-pandemic workplace will never be the same again.

“Economic, environmental and safety concerns mean that it is highly likely that a proportion of most businesses’ staff will find home working desirable, whether full-time or for part of the week. And with that comes a whole raft of implications for managers who must adapt to new challenges.”

This second white paper focuses mainly on the crucial topics of physical and mental staff wellbeing, and separately introduces the subject of protection of confidential business data.

On the physical aspect of home working the guide explains what employers can do to help employees mitigate risk. It details how to ensure that areas such as workspace, seating and lighting can be tackled to ensure physical health and safety. The paper outlines online mini risk assessments, advises on online surveys that employers can put together for their staff, and offers other useful suggestions.

On mental wellbeing of staff after lockdown, the white paper lists the key tell-tale signs and circumstances that employers should look out for, which may indicate or be a precursor to mental health deterioration. The guide outlines the practical steps that an employer can take to support the mental health of their staff. In addition, it details the type of guidance that can be offered to employees in this area.

Finally, on the topic of protecting confidential business information, the paper explains the importance of correct procedures and policies, communication of them to staff, and how to go about ensuring that data breaches do not occur. For example, it might be imperative to ensure that family, friends and visitors are unable to see sensitive, confidential data. Bosses may even need to spell out that failure to adhere to their company’s home working policy in the area of data protection could result in disciplinary proceedings.

Pace Resourcing’s first white paper, which tackled the need for dynamic, flexible and easy performance management processes may be downloaded for free from the company’s website.